We are into political philosophy and cultural research

Our ‘Irankulturpolitik’ Section is dedicated to the impact ancient cultural values have on our current day understanding of ‘reality’: Our thinking in society bases on past concepts that are barely ever rethought and rescrutinized.

To understand the human past in philosophical terms, and to actively rethink basic terms and concepts that make up underlying fundamentals of our thinking today, can open a wider understanding on what culture and civilization could ideally mean today and become in a future, that we can shape.

We are …

a bit something like a private institute for political philosophy and cultural studies and our work comprises a philosophical, a political and an aesthetics branch.

Our main objective is …

to inspire thinking and independent and thus in particular non-scholarly research in the fields that evolve around “the human existence in its contextuality with the natural environment” on a basis of constructive life-affirming perhaps unconventional ethics.

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