Mr. Ebrahim Soufiani and his Lost Facts

Mr. Soufiani’s “research”

Mr ” Eb Soufiani ” ‘ s account on facebook . He spreads the false claim that he had worked together with Mr. Jamali for 8 or 10 years, which is untrue. It seems he invented this claim for selling his first publication called “The Lost Key”, in which he writes about his cultural perception of his home country Iran.

However, as far as the “cooperation” with Mr. Jamali is concerned: This author does not even give any exact citations and exact references to Mr. Jamali’s books in his “Lost Key”.

The only “mentions” within his main narrative text are those you see below. From page 3, 10 and page 1 in chapter 1  ( … the paging seems a bit confusing in that book).

In the end of his book he put a list with some of Mr. Jamali’s titles – falsely in English, one’s that originally are Persian titles – suggesting he’d refer to these. But these “references” stand absolutely lose and in no clear context.

The most frustrating part of his book is his glossary, which simplifies (and miscontextualizes) terms picked up from Mr. Jamali’s work.

This is how Mr. Jamali is referred to in Mr. Soufiani’s book:

“This book is dedicated to people who love their pets, who are nice to others, and who are excited by the prospect of exchanging new and intellectual ideas. You’re a rare and special group. Secondly, this book is solely devoted to Persian thinker and philosopher, Professor Manuchehr Jamali, who has published over 150 books in Persian literature, in Persian language. This book is the result of over 8 years of study into a fraction on the research works of this great man.”

“This book is the result of over 8 years of study into the research books of Persian thinker and professor, Manuchehr
Jamali, who has published over 150 books in Persian literature in Persian language.” (…)

“It is a reference to over 40 years of research work of Professor Manuchehr Jamali, a Persian philosopher, who has
published over 150 books in Persian Literature.” [don’t know where Mr. Soufiani gets this “150 books” idea from?]

“I have worked over 8 years on Persian philosophy with Professor Manuchehr Jamali who is a Persian philosopher. This is to bring a tiny fraction of his great work in research in this book in an attempt to boost the mental capacity of a free man in this world who just wants to rely to her/his common sense to serve mankind.”

It’s a shame how someone uses another one’s name distorting their ideas by such a transaction.

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